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The Legend of Molly Langtrye ©

Synopsis: A modern day romance set to the pace from the past.

A woman inherits her five times great grandmother's antique woman's secretary desk.  She discovers a diary hidden in a secret compartment in its upper carvings.  The diary contains a year from her grandmother's life with her husband on his ranch outside Amarillo, Texas before the Civil War.

The woman is outraged at the story contained in her grandmother's diary.  She feels compelled to vindicate her grandmother's name from the story written in the diary.  She sets out to see how the husband's side of the family has dealt with her grandmother's reputation over the years.  Her trip of discovery brings her into direct contact with the current owner of the ranch.  She finds the story contained in her grandmother's diary was incomplete.  The ranch owner's mother helps her complete from the discovered diary with a story contained in  another diary left at the ranch by her grandmother.

The woman's encounter with the current owner of the ranch brings surprise.  The woman is almost the physical, mirror image of her grandmothe.  The owner of the ranch feels compelled to have the real life woman to the cold, oil paint of an old protrait of her grandmother.  At first, he has trouble separating the real from the fantasy concerning her.  They both find they have to compromise to sate each other's needs to form a real life partnership.

Here's Chapter One of the Novel for your enjoyment.

There's a screenplay available for The Legendary Woman.  If you're a director/producer or own a production company and would be interested, leave your information in an email on the contact page.  I will see you get the screenplay.

The Legendary Woman