Book 1 - The Beginning     
There is a Screenplay available for Book 1


A reporter is caught in the political intrigue of the present when he begins his own investigation into two deaths occurring at the local cemetery.  The police chief, to protect the city, has kept the investigation quiet.

With the discovery of a large, underground temple complex and the intrusion of the State District Supervior for Historical Research, both the police chief and the reporter become trapped in a mystery from the past.

Book 2 - George Evans' Secret

There is a Screenplay Available for Book 2


With the political intrigue surrounding them, both the police chief and the reporter are pulled deeper into the mystery from the past.  The police chief finds his life pulled in a different but similar direction as the reporter.  He finds he is pulled from the straight and narrow path of law enforcement.  He is forced into a moral dilemma when he has to decide between what he considers to be right and wrong.

The reporter is made a part of the past by his incursion into its present.  He finds his answers and doesn't like what he has found.  Like the police chief, he is forced to decide between what he considers to be right and wrong.  Each man makes his decision, not quite aware of the impact to their destinies.

Book 3 - The Lost Child


Both the police chief and the reporter make very fateful decisions about the course of action to be taken.  The p[olice chief, because of his choice, decided what he was given isn't the best avenue of action and makes another fateful decision leading to death, but vindication.

The reporter discovers the destruction wrought by his first and second encounters with the underground temple complex leads to another choice.  This choice is narrow and, if he wants his life back to normal, the choice will lead to destruction and, hopefully, his escape from the past.

It was from this SHORT STORY, I created a three book trilogy.  I'm including it here for your enjoyment.  Can you guess what the stories contain in the trilogy?

The Evansville Chronicles

These books are being considered for future publication