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Screenplay - City of the Guardians


City of the Guardians©


JeryLyn Harrington


138 Pages – Final Draft Format

Keyword & Market Focus 

Action/Adventure Fiction Thriller  wrapped around a Romance with a focus on the late teen to the adult audience.


A Central-American plantation owner strives        to solve several mysterious deaths that have occurred on an archaeological dig existing on his property.


Unasked for dangers greet a South American plantation owner as he tries to solve some mysterious deaths that have occurred at an archaeological site located on his plantation.  He decides to take a different course of action planned to the one that the lead archaeologist from the State Minister has determined should be taken after her arrival.  At first, this creates a hostile, confrontational atmosphere between the two, but after his planned encounter with the local Indian tribe and its old medicine man, their intentions serve each other’s purpose.  Once at the archaeological site, they again clash about what needs to be accomplished to succeed.  His need is to protect his people; while her need is to find the secret possessed by the great city.

Author Bio

 I have written short stories and journals most of my life.  It was only during the early 1990s, I decided to write a full-length novel with ideas from some of these early journals.  My novel,THE EVANSVILLE CHRONICLES ©, was begun from a short story in one of these journals.  The Challenge to write this novel was so enjoyable, when I finished the trilogy, I wrote other novels in different genres to find which genre would be my niche.  I wrote in the Action/Adventure/Romance genres and found that this was my niche.

Over the past years, I have had several of my poems turned into songs and two of my peoms published in two separate anthologies.  I find writing romance wrapped around an action/adventure story to be my relaxation from the stresses of everyday life.

Other Information

My screenplay was edited by Jeff Little and, with his help, I could make my needed revisions with ease.  Edited by: WLScreenplay Agency/Jeff Little