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My older title, CITY OF THE GUARDIANS, will be published in book, ebook formats sometime in January. Just as soon as, the cover becomes available, I will post it on this page with all the other relevant info.


Unasked for dangers greet a South-American plantation owner as he strives to solve several mysterious deaths that have occurred at an archaeological site dig on his plantation.  He takes a different course of action planned to the one the lead archaeologist from the State Minister has determined should be taken after her arrival at the plantation.  At first, this creates a hostile, confrontational atmosphere between the two, but, after his planned meet with the local Indian tribe and its old medicine man, their intentions serve each other's purpose.  Once at the archaeological site, they, again, clash as to what needs to be accomplished to succeed.  His need is to protect his people.  Her need, the secret possessed by the great city.

There is a screenplay available.  Check it out here, CITY OF THE GUARDIANS.  If you would like to read the entire screenplay, leave an email with your info and I'll see that you get it.