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The Evansville Chronicles - Part 1, The Beginning Sell Sheet

TitleThe Evansville Chronicles© Part 1, The Beginning
AuthorJeryLyn Harrington
Length121 Pages – Final Draft Format
Keyword & Market Focus 

Action/Adventure / Fiction / Thriller / Horror. This novel is a for high school through college graduate and anyone who likes thrillers/horror.


A police chief and a reporter are pulled into a mystery from the past that changes each of their lives in unexpected ways.


Part 1: A reporter is caught in the political intrigue of the present when he starts his own investigation into two deaths that occur at the local cemetery.  The police chief, to protect the city, has kept the official investigation quiet.With the discovery of a large underground temple complex and the intrusion of the State District Supervisor for Historical Research, both the police chief and the reporter become trapped in a mystery from the past.

Author Bio

 I have written short stories and journals most of my life.  It was only during the early 1990s, I decided to write a full-length novel with ideas from some of these early journals.  The three-part novel, THE EVANSVILLE CHRONICLES, was begun from a short story in one of these journals.  THE EVANSVILLE CHRONICLES was my first complete novel and. others who had read the story and liked it, suggested I have it published.  The Challenge to write this novel was so enjoyable when I finished the trilogy, I wrote other novels in different genres to find which genre would be my niche.

Over the past years, I have had several of my poems turned into songs and two of my poems published in two separate anthologies.  I find writing an action/adventure story or Thrillers, sometimes with romance elements, to be my relaxation from the stresses of everyday life.

Other InformationThis screenplay has been edited.