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A Short Bio / Other Interesting Things


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I have written short stories and journals from high school through all of my adult life.  It was only during the early 1990s that I decided to write a full-length novel with ideas from some of these very early high school journals.  My first novel went through several re-writes and edits before it was ready for publication.   The challenge to write this first novel was very enjoyable and I decided to write several other novels under several different genres to find my niche.  There is another science-fiction thriller wrapped around a love story, but, at that time, I wrote, mostly, romance.  I find that writing science-fiction thrillers with romance elements is best for me. 

When I started to write in the 1990s, I had several of my poems, Two Sides To A Story ©  & Handsome Is As Handsome Does ©,  turned into songs, one poem that was turned into a song, Life's Road ©, appeared on HillTop Record’s album, America. Two of my other poems were published in two separate anthologies; one, The Tree That Remembers ©in 1996, was published in the National Library of Poetry anthology, The Colors of Thought  In 2002, they published my poem, Two Sides To A Story ©, in their anthology, Letters From the Soul Series.
And, I continue to write, EVERYDAY, and, yes, I do try to base all my character's traits on real life people.  But, with experience comes wisom, and I'll combine more character studies into one character.
I have started my new series of books.  These books are thrillers and have, not only romance elements, but, I have combined fantasy elements, as well. 

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You can, also, download a copy of my short novella, Horror To Fantasy, for your enjoyment.

Horror To Fantasy Free Novella Download, please, click here

This is the reading for 'Midnight Madness', the first short story sonnet from Horror to Fantasy. Click here and enjoy!

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