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Screenplay - The Legend of Molly Langtrye


The Legend of Molly Langtrye©                        


JeryLyn Harrington
Length133 pages, Final Draft Format
Keyword &
Market Focus 

Romance with a late teen to adult audience and anyone that would be interested in the romance genre.


A look-alike granddaughter’s need to vindicate her great grandmother’s reputation from a story left in the grandmother’s diary in a hidden drawer in the grandmother’s antique desk.


A woman inherits her great grandmother’s antique woman's secretary desk and discovers a diary hidden in a secret compartment in the desk's upper carvings. The diary contains a year from her grandmother's life with her new husband on his ranch in Texas before the Civil War.

She is outraged at the story in her grandmother's diary. She feels compelled to vindicate her grandmother's name. She sets out to see how the husband's side of the family has dealt with her grandmother's reputation over the years and her quest brings her into direct contact with the current owner of the ranch and the involvement of each into each other’s lives.

Her encounter with the current owner of the ranch brings surprise. She finds she is almost the mirror image of her grandmother. The owner of the ranch feels compelled to have the real life woman to the cold, oil paint of a painting and, at first, has trouble separating the real from the fantasy concerning her. They both find that they have to compromise to sate each other's needs and to form a real life partnership

Author Bio

I have written short stories and journals most of my life.  It was only during the early 1990s, I decided to write a full-length novel with ideas from some of these early journals.  My novel, THE EVANSVILLE CHRONICLES ©, was begun from a short story in one of these journals.  The Challenge to write this novel was so enjoyable, when I finished the trilogy, I wrote other novels in different genres to find which genre would be my niche.  I wrote in the Action/Adventure/Romance genres and found that this was my way of combining two genres into one and enjoying the combination.

Over the past years, I have had several of my poems turned into songs and two of my peoms published in two separate anthologies.  I find writing romance wrapped around an action/adventure story to be my relaxation from the stresses of everyday life.

Other Information

 This screenplay has been edited.